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  • 2018 All-CoalfieldSports Team Announced

    2018 All-CoalfieldSports Team Announced

    The inaugural football coverage season has come to a close. With the end of the season comes postseason awards— will recognize the achievements of athletes across the region. During the last month, our staff compiled a list of deserving nominees for a first and second team All CoalfieldSports squad, in addition to an honorable mention.… Read More on 2018 All-CoalfieldSports Team Announced »Read More »
  • Preseason Poll: Cumberland District

    Preseason Poll: Cumberland District

    Welcome back to our preseason poll series. If you missed any of last week’s, check them out here: Mountain 7, Black Diamond and River Ridge. This week, we will take a look at the Cumberland, Mountain Empire and Southwest districts. Today, we’ll hit the Cumberland District, a district that historically has seen the Raiders of… Read More on Preseason Poll: Cumberland District »Read More »

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