Key Matchups: Union @ Ridgeview

This week’s game of the week features the two top teams in the Mountain 7. The winner should hold the inside track to a district title and home field advantage come playoff time.

Here are some of the crucial matchups that could determine the game:

Ridgeview Offensive Line v. Union Front Seven

This match up could be the deciding factor Friday. If the Wolfpack offensive line can get push at the line of scrimmage and negate the powerful Union front seven, it will put the Bears on their heels. If Union is unable to win the battle up front, it will allow Ridgeview’s dynamic athletes to get in open space and rack up yards.

If the Bears can stifle the Wolfpack offensive line and not allow the unit to open holes, the talented Union front seven could slow the dynamic Pack attack.

Trenton Adkins in the open field against Mason Polier

This is a very intriguing matchup. Can the talented junior linebacker make smart decisions and tackle in the open field? If not, Adkins and Sexton could rack up yardage and gash the Bears defense.

Keys to the Game:

The winner of the turnover battle likely wins. If either teams falls behind by more than one score, they will have a hard time closing the gap.

Big plays will be extremely important. Both teams have three players capable of scoring at any time. Adkins, Sexton and Sproles for Ridgeview while Union has Jenkins, Polier and Stidham. All six can score in the blink of an eye.

Quarterback play could be an X-factor, if either quarterback can convert third downs and take downfield shots, it could prove to be a major factor.

Union is more battle tested but that could mean nothing come Friday.

It has all the makings of a classic.



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