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Welcome to Coalfield Sports

There’s a pride in this area we call home; most call it the coalfields. It’s a pride in our heritage, the beautiful scenery we call home, the uniqueness of every town and of course, high school athletics. Your buddy from Indiana may be the worlds largest Colts fan. Maybe you went to college with a guy who eats, sleeps and breathes the Yankees. Maybe you’re like me and you’ve found a love for soccer that rivals that of American football.… Read the rest

SWVA: Where high school football is king

Growing up in southwest Virginia, there are some things people wait for annually. Bristol race weekend in April and August, when the carnival and the fair come to town, holidays and then, perhaps, what some may argue is the most important. The beginning of two-a-days in high school football. I was born and raised in Richlands, where football has never been any less than the king. No matter what time of year you sit down in the Richlands Barber Shop on the corner of 2nd Street and Elkins Avenue in Richlands, the questions are endless.… Read the rest