CoalfieldSports Pick Em: Playoffs Week 1

This season, the folks at Coalfield Sports picked five of the most intriguing matchups in the area to be the games of the week before the fans selected THE game of the week.


Each week, Ryan and Brady, the hosts of the SWVASports Podcast picked the five contests and were joined by a special guest each week.


Now that it is playoff time, there is a twist.


Ryan and Brady will still be joined by a guest picker and a trivia question winner throughout the playoffs. However, instead of just five games in the region. We will pick each playoff game in the CoalfieldSports area.


So far, the records are as follows:

Ryan: 45-10

Brady: 40-13

Guest: 43-12 (Eugene Hilton: 3-2, Lloyd Combs: 5-0, Rick Baker: 4-1, Casey Goetz: 3-2, Anthony Stevens: 5-0, Chase Parker: 4-1, Nolan Knight: 4-1, Frank Browning: 3-2, Heather Williams: 4-1, Brian Woodson 4-1, Mark Fought 4-1)

Trivia Winner: 19-7 (Dakota Hamilton 5-0, Michael Dotson 4-1, Jeff Atwell 3-2, Trevor Ramsey 3-2, Matthew Ball 4-1, Brian Owens 4-1)


ESPN Blacksburg’s Mark Fought went 4-1 against the experts last week. The lone set back came in Radford’s upset over Glenvar. We thank you so much Mark for your analysis and wish the Blacksburg Burins luck in the Class 4 playoffs!


This week’s guest picker is Chris Duble. The 28-year-old Centreville, Virginia native spent the last two seasons as the head coach of the Northwood Panthers before stepping down from that position. Duble was 4-14 during his time in Saltville. Before his days in Saltville, Duble played for Centreville High School in northern Virginia before finishing his playing days at Ferrum College. After his playing days, he became a member of Mark Palmer’s staff at Patrick Henry. We are excited to have Chris pick with us this week!


Last week’s trivia question winner, Brian Owens, went 4-1 against the experts. Congrats, Brian! Thank you for playing!


This week the trivia winner is Hayley Allison!

Congratulations, Hayley! Best of luck!


This week there are 17 playoff games in the region. Let’s get to it!






Oak Hill at Bluefield:


Brady: Bluefield




Ryan: Bluefield


Hayley: Bluefield





Ritchie County at Mount View


Brady: Mount View


Chris:Mount View


Ryan: Mount View


Hayley: Ritchie County




Class 4:


Pulaski County at George Washington


Brady: George Washington


Chris:George Washington


Ryan: Pulaski County


Hayley: George Washington



Class 3:


Hidden Valley at Abingdon


Brady: Abingdon


Chris:Hidden Valley


Ryan: Abingdon


Hayley: Hidden Valley


Class 2:


Fort Chiswell at Radford


Brady: Radford




Ryan: Radford


Hayley: Radford


Giles at Appomattox:


Brady: Appomattox




Ryan: Appomattox


Hayley: Appomattox


Wise-Central at Ridgeview:


Brady: Ridgeview




Ryan: Ridgeview


Hayley: Wise-Central


John Battle at Union


Brady: Union




Ryan: Union


Hayley: Union


Virginia High at Graham

Brady: Graham




Ryan: Graham


Hayley: Graham


Richlands at Grayson County


Brady: Richlands




Ryan: Richlands


Hayley: Richlands



Class 1


Eastern Montgomery at Galax


Brady: Galax


Chris: Galax


Ryan: Galax


Hayley: Galax


Auburn at Narrows


Brady: Narrows




Ryan: Narrows


Hayley: Narrows


Covington at George Wythe:


Brady: George Wythe


Chris:George Wythe


Ryan: George Wythe


Hayley: Covington


Eastside at Chilhowie

Brady: Chilhowie


Chris:  Chilhowie


Ryan: Chilhowie


Hayley: Chilhowie


Honaker at Patrick Henry


Brady: Patrick Henry


Chris:  Patrick Henry


Ryan: Patrick Henry


Hayley: Patrick Henry


Holston at J.I. Burton


Brady: J.I. Burton


Chris: Holston


Ryan: J.I. Burton


Hayley: J.I. Burton



Thomas Walker at Grundy


Brady: Grundy


Chris: Grundy


Ryan: Thomas Walker


Hayley: Thomas Walker


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