Welcome to Coalfield Sports

There’s a pride in this area we call home; most call it the coalfields.

It’s a pride in our heritage, the beautiful scenery we call home, the uniqueness of every town and of course, high school athletics.

Your buddy from Indiana may be the worlds largest Colts fan. Maybe you went to college with a guy who eats, sleeps and breathes the Yankees.

Maybe you’re like me and you’ve found a love for soccer that rivals that of American football.

But they’ll never love a Friday night in the fall the same way you do.

It’s woven into your fabric your very meaning. We are our hometowns. And how amazing that feeling is.

No matter where I go, I’m a Blue Tornado first and foremost.

And that’s not a trait unique to a town in the western end of Tazewell County.

We are Panthers, Blue Devils, Eagles and Pioneers. Some are Falcons, some are Rebels and some are Trojans. Bulldogs, Tide, Wave; we have it all. And it’s who we are.

So welcome to Coalfield Sports. We are a sister site to the message boards that started this whole thing: www.swvasports.com. Oh yeah, there’s a link up top to take you straight there. Join the site and join in on the fun.

Our SWVA Sports Podcast is hosted here. You’ll find that link up top, too.

We will strive to bring you interactive elements all season. Q&A’s with various folks from the area, players of the week (and year), a weekly Top 10 that comes straight from SWVA Sports.

The two sites are meant to work in conjunction with each other to bring you the absolute best coverage we can bring you from our little slice of heaven.

Welcome to Coalfield Sports. Welcome to The Pride.


There’s just something about growing up in this area that lends itself to sports. Friday nights are the undisputed king. We all head to the local high school to catch a glimpse of those boys of fall.

That was no different in Richlands where I grew up with a love and a passion for those Blue Tornado. Unlike my co-host, I never strapped that lightning R on my head. I took the band route instead. But that didn’t stop me from becoming most school spirited my senior year, a title I still proudly wear today.

Leaving to get my degree at Virginia Tech actually helped solidify all that I love about this area. Sure, football is a big deal in the NRV as well, but it’s just not the same. And that’s okay. Our area is special.

I’m happy to be back in SWVA this fall and I’m ready to bring you a plethora of content options as we embark on this thing called life. RIP Prince.

Oh, and Hunt Bros. Pizza is the best pizza.


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